Tomorrow is a 12:30 release

We appreciate your understanding about the 12:30 release tomorrow,
please let Laurie know if you’d like your student to stay after
school. Child care is available until 12:30.
As we head into vacation week, it reminds me that when we return we
will have nine weeks of school remaining. There will be a LOT going on
in those nine weeks, so we will work to make sure you have as much
notice as possible so you can plan for your family. I encourage you to
check the calendar in this newsletter each week, and the calendar on
the school website, and email or call us with any questions. A couple
of big things I want to make sure are on your radar are the 5/6 field
trip to Nature’s Classroom, May 21-25, Art and Music Night, Thursday,
May 31, and the last day of school, Monday, June 18, and Graduation,
also Monday, June 18, at the school and the last day of school on
Friday, June 23rd. There are many more things happening for each
class, so stay tuned!
Students in grades 3-6 will be taking MCAS tests after vacation. 5/6
will take an ELA test on Wednesday, April 25 and Friday, April 27,
with Math to follow. We’ll get an updated schedule to everyone after
As kids spend more time online, it’s important we all try to keep them
safe. Here’s a link to an article about a kid-friendly internet search
engine. I hope you find it useful: