Thanksgiving’s next week

   Next week is a short week, we have full days of school Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday is a 12:30 release, lunch is served at 12:00. As we come to the Thanksgiving break, I am thankful to work in a community of learners such as what we have here at Rowe School, and that includes students, staff, families and community members, all of whom are contributing to the learning of our students in their own, generous, way.
   Our friend, Ricardo, our artist-in-residence for our Brazilian Cultural Study, visited the school again this week. He worked with each class, teaching them more about Brazil, and joined each music class to help Mr. Crean get them ready for the Cultural Performance (Thursday, December 15 – Save the date). Ask your student what they’re learning about Brazil, you might be surprised at what you learn!
   If anyone is interested in helping coach a basketball team for grades 4-6 (we have one parent who’s volunteered, looking for another), please give me a call at the school. I guarantee, you won’t regret it.
   With our renewed focus on Project Based Learning (PBL) this year, I thought it might be helpful to send this article that gives a quick explanation of PBL. You could use it to start a conversation with your student. I hope you find it interesting: (The link will also be in the Principal’s Corner of the school website)