Students out and about

   Don’t miss the excitement next Thursday, May 31, at our annual Art and Music Night. The fun starts at 6:00. This is where our students show all the amazing art they’ve been working on throughout the year., and hear the great stuff coming out of Music class and instrument lessons. Performances start at 6:30, but get there early so you can tour the “art museum” set up in the gym, and please have your students in dark pants or skirts and a white top. We ask that your students remember that even though it’s after school time, the rules for behavior in school still apply. (Walking feet, hands-off, indoor voices, etc.)
   The 5th and 6th grade have been at Nature’s Classroom this week, and from the pictures we’ve received, it looks like they’re having a great time. The 3rd and 4th grades have been doing clean up as community service, both at the park and at the Town Library. The Primary Class has also been learning at the Park. And everyone from Preschool to Grade 4 visited East Cemetery for a Memorial day observance, with assistance from Rowe resident, and Navy veteran, John Magnago. If you’ve seen students out and about, it’s for good reasons.
   A quick schedule note: the last ukulele class is today. We’re planning an afterschool activity for next year where students will MAKE THEIR OWN UKULELES! Yes, you read that right. Details to come when school starts in the fall. Other after-school activities that are in the works for next year are creative writing, hiking, and chess. If you have an interest in leading an after-school activity (there is a small stipend and money for supplies…), please let me know.
   I found this article about many ways parents can encourage emotionally intelligent behavior in their children. Here’s a guide to resources for learning more about character development. I hope you find it useful: