Spaghetti and Kindness

 You wouldn’t know from looking out the window, but the official first day of Spring is less than a week away, but one never knows up here on the hill. We’re making plans to get the studaents working outside when the weather permits, and planning to build on the work the students did on our school gardens last year. Please make sure your students have appropriate clothing to be able to play and study outside no matter what the weather.

   I hope you can join us for the Spaghetti Supper next​ Wednesday, March 15. In addition to the delicious meal, this event is an important fundraiser for the 5th and 6th grade field trips to Nature’s Classroom (this year) and Washington, D.C. (next year). Please come and enjoy a great meal and support a good cause. 


​In addition to the academic learning we work with the students on every day, we also work with them on social-emotional learning: how to be a good friend, a positive member of the school community, how to be their best self. We have been a bit more explicit the last few weeks, speaking to the students about the importance of being kind, and how it feels when someone is excluded. If you’re interested in continuing the work at home, contact your student’s teacher for suggestions. Here’s an article that has some simple suggestions: