Short week next week

Next week is a short but busy week.  We have full days of school on Monday and Tuesday, and a 12:30 release on Wednesday, with lunch being served at 12:00. Monday is a field trip to the Polish Center for Discovery and Learning in Chicopee for K-6. Wednesday morning we are having a lockdown practice, with assistance from local and state authorities. Students will know it is coming, it will not be a surprise. We are practicing what to do if there is a dangerous element of some sort in or around the school while we are in the classrooms. The Preschool and Primary Classes will also practice what to do if a lockdown is called during recess. With the students, we focus on this as a practice for us all to keep safe, and don’t focus on some of the more disturbing aspects of why we practice lockdowns.

   As we come to the Thanksgiving break, I am thankful to work in a community of learners such as what we have here at Rowe School.  That includes students, staff, families and community members, all of whom are contributing to the learning of our students in their own generous way.

   We’ve had visits the last two weeks from experts on Polish folklore and Polish paper cutting. We really learned a lot. Polish musicians will be visiting soon. In all the classrooms and the specials, staff have been working with students helping them learn more about Poland and get them ready for the Cultural Performance on Thursday, December 13th – save the date!  Ask your student what they are learning about Poland.  You might be surprised at what you learn!

   I came across an article about ways to help your student be ready for school. It is focused on younger students, and references the beginning of the school year (can you believe it’s been ten weeks?!), but I think it has applications for all students, at all times of the year. I hope you find it useful: