One week to performance!

Our Cultural Study performance celebrating the music and culture of Poland is one week away! Next Thursday, we’ll be rehearsing during the day, and we ask that students and families arrive at 6:00 to view all the amazing artwork that will be on display in the gym, and at 6:15, students will go to the cafeteria to get ready for the performance, which begins at 6:30. We ask that students wear white (or light) tops and black (or dark) bottoms for the performance. We also ask that during the time when students and families are enjoying the art that they stay together, so parents and guardians can keep an eye on their students; it is not a time for students to be running and playing in the gym or the school. The students (and staff) have been working hard on all parts of this performance, I think you’ll be amazed and entertained.
   It’s not too late to donate non-perishable food items at the school which will be brought to the Good Neighbors Food Pantry in Charlemont for their December distribution. Ask if you have questions.
   I hate to be a nag, and I know mornings can be difficult, but it is important that your student be at school by 8:25 so they are ready to start their day with their classmates. The is a LOT of learning that goes on in the first section of the day, and by coming in late, your student can lose out on that learning and have a difficult transition to the school day. Everyone will benefit, including you, if your child starts the school day on time.
   A few quick scheduling reminders: Wednesday, 12/12 is a Professional Learning Day, students are released at 1:50 and after-school child care is available. Our last day of school before the holidays is Friday, 12/21, it is a regular school day. There is an all-school holiday sing-a-long at on Thursday, 12/20.
   Here’s a link to an article about alternatives to the standard ways we tend to praise students: