“Miłego Przedstawienia”! (Enjoy the Show!)

Jesteśmy bardzo podekscytowani“, which means “we are very excited” in Polish. Our Polish performance is tonight, we’ve been rehearsing today, and the gym is decorated with beautiful art and animals that our students have been created. We can’t wait for you to see the gym and enjoy the performance. Everyone, students and staff, have been working so hard to get ready, with a special shout out going to Mr. Crean and Mrs. Kitchen for their efforts.
We hope you and your student can get here around 6:00 so you have time to walk through the hallways and the gym to see the work that your students have been doing during our study of Canada. Please keep your students with you during this time, it is not the time for them to be running around the hallways or the gym. Students must be in the cafeteria at 6:15 to get ready, and the performance will start at 6:30. Bring your dancing shoes, we’ve got some great Polish musicians (and one Rowe resident) joining us. We hope you “miłego przedstawienia! (enjoy the show!)
We will be making a video of the performance and will try to share it through email, let me know if you are interested in getting a link to the video, or a copy of the performance.
Next week is a full week, there is NO early release on Wednesday, and we have a full day on Friday (lunch is served), and students will be making gingerbread houses (Thanks, Miss Kim!) on Thursday.
I came across this article about helping children and parents enjoy the holidays. I hope you find it interesting: https://centerforparentingeducation.org/library-of-articles/places-to-go/helping-children-and-parents-enjoy-the-holidays/