It’s hard to believe…

  It’s hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end, with Preschool’s last day today, and everyone else finishes Monday. While today is a full day of school, Friday and Monday are 1:00 releases, with lunch being served. It seems like it goes faster every year. Today was an exciting field Day for PreK-6, and stucents in K-6 spent the afternoon at Pelham Lake Park. Tomorrow is the Talent Show at 10:30 and a Dance Party at 11:30. Graduation is Monday at 6:30 at the School.
   It was quite a year at the Rowe School. We created a play about an evil witch and a boa constrictor, designed presentataions about aniumals and habitats, did a walking tour of the town of Rowe, traveled to the Springfield Museums, Pine Hill Orchard, we “visited” Canada, hiked and skied at Berkshire East, had a Pot Luck and Movie Night, Tailgate Trick or Treat, and Spaghetti Supper, learned about addition, fractions and algebraic equations, read about animals, trucks, and wizards,  learned Spanish, wrote about our families, vacations and favorite things, learned through Project Based Learning, made beautiful art, sang songs and played our instruments, and played with our old friends and made new ones. We’re looking forward to more fun and excitement next year.
   May the summer bring you all the rest, relaxation, fun and family time you want. Email is the best way to reach us during the summer, and check the website for updates on calendars and the schedule.
   If you have a student in Summer School this year, you should already have your student’s schedule. If you have any questions, please call the school right away. It’s going to be a great summer at the Rowe School.
   We work with the students all year to increase their level of empathy, here are some book suggestions for various ages that can help continue that process over the summer. I hope you find it useful:  I also found an interesting article about how encouraging your student to read during the summer can help them as they head to school in the fall, I hope you find it interesting: