Back to School!

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind two days, so many new faces to get to know and old friends to catch up with. Students are already excited about the project based learning they’re going to be doing in various classes, the books they’re taking out of the Library for reading, and the challenges that they are overcoming in math. I encourage you to come observe a class, get in touch with your student’s teacher to arrange a time.

    Remember that our school day starts at 8:20.  Students are welcome to arrive anytime after 7:30.  Breakfast begins being served at 8:05. Pledge is at 8:20.  So if you want your student to eat breakfast, they need to arrive before 8:20. Students who arrive after 8:25 are marked tardy.

For our Cultural Study this year we are “traveling” to Poland. If you have or know someone who has, a connection to or information about Cabnnanda that could be shared with our teaching staff or our students, please be in touch.

There will be some announcements coming shortly about after-school activities, please stay tuned. There was an interesting article online about Back to school resources for families. I hope you find it interesting.