Back in the swing of things

   So many of our students did so many interesting things over vacation, it’s been great to hear all the stories. We have a number of new friends at the school this year (mostly students, but we have a couple new staff), and it’s been a treat to watch the students welcome them to our community. It’s also been exciting to watch the classes start to come together as working units, already working hard together, and to see the students playing together at recess.
   Thank you to everyone who is working so hard to get your students here on time. It makes a big difference for the success of their morning at school, and for the students in their class as well. A quick reminder: Our school day starts at 8:20, students are welcome to arrive anytime after 7:30, breakfast is served from 8:05 to 8:20. So if you want your student to eat breakfast, they need to arrive well before 8:20, and students who arrive after 8:25 are marked tardy. Also, please remember, our parking lot is one way, in and to the right, around the circle and out. Please don’t try to turn around and exit from the wrong side of the lot, and remember that it is illegal to pass a school bus when its RED lights are flashing.
   A couple of schedule notes: Our Open House will be on Tuesday, September 25, at 6:30. Our first fire drill will be next Wednesday, September 12. Teachers will work with the students to get them ready. September’s School Committee meeting is Thursday, September 13, at 4:00 p.m. in the Library.
   There was an interesting article online about the benefits working with Legos bring to students’ auditory and visual processing. I hope you find it interesting.