Welcome to Rowe Elementary School!Small class size, supportive classroom environmentLearning by doingGetting outdoors

Welcome to Rowe Elementary School!

Located in Rowe, Massachusetts, Rowe Elementary School is a Prek-6th grade elementary school, that offers exceptional academic, social and emotional education to children from Rowe and the surrounding towns as students of choice. Rowe School is where children come first!

Small class size, supportive classroom environment

Our veteran, caring staff and small class sizes make for an ideal environment for learning for students of all ages and ability levels.

Learning by doing

Our school’s focus on Project Based Learning provides students with inquiry based, hands-on, engaging learning experiences.

Getting outdoors

Between our many field trips, fall hike, Berkshire East ski days and proximity to Pelham Lake Park, students in all grades receive many opportunities to learn through interaction with the world around them.

Latest News

The Brazilian Performance to celebrate the end of our Cultural Study is Thursday, December 15. The gym will be open at 6:00 so families can come and see all the amazing art that the students have created, and the performance starts at 6:30. Instructions on clothing and timing will come home soon.

All of the forms for the 5th and 6th grade trip to Washington, D.C. are available in the Documents and Forms section of the website. Click here to be directed there. Please call if you have any questions.

Our next Professional Learning (PL) Day is Wednesday, December 7. Students will be released at 1:50 p.m. Free after school child care is available from 1:50-3:30, please notify the school by Wednesday morning if you want your student to stay. All of the PL Days are listed on the school calendar, click here to see it.

Interested in being an After School Activity Leader, working with small groups of students doing something you love? Short term commitment, long term fun! Stipends available. Click here or call the school for more information.

School choice applications are being accepted for Preschool and Grades 3 and 4 for the 2016-2017 school year. Click here for an application, or call the school for more information.

Upcoming Events

Our Teaching Philosophy

We trust in a student’s innate desire to learn, given a supportive and stimulating environment.

We view teachers as resources who nurture this desire. In an educationally positive environment, children are challenged optimally to think for themselves, accept responsibility for their learning, and be involved in decision-making. We hope that as a result, the student will become a self-disciplined, self-directed, and creative learner with a positive, realistic self-concept.

Teachers as resources will provide feedback and support, a wide scope of experiences and opportunities, social and emotional strategies for coping, and the tools to become continuous learners.

Ultimately, all educational efforts are directed towards developing a respect for the rights, dignity, and opinions of others, as well as an ability to function effectively and productively in society.


Rowe students will read, and learn to listen, with understanding, developing an appreciation of literature and reading for enjoyment.


Rowe students will develop skills necessary to read and listen with understanding, express themselves clearly and correctly in both speaking and writing, develop competent mathematic skills, an understanding and appreciation of the arts, a basic knowledge of scientific concepts, and skills and attitudes that promote physical health


Rowe students will learn, with support, to make intelligent decisions, assume responsibility and independence, and appreciate people and their cultures, past and present.


Rowe students will learn to respect individual differences and the rights of others